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EGUSD in the Spotlight
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Character Education at Elk Grove Unified

October is Character Education Month!  Throughout Elk Grove Unified, students and staff are participating in numerous character education activities and events.

“The importance of having a strong character education program is demonstrated at all elementary schools in Elk Grove Unified,” said Linda Meyerson, director of elementary education.  “Character education helps teach students to understand, appreciate and internalize positive character traits.  Our schools have done an excellent job at creating innovative programs to bring character education to their students.”

Photo: A Junior Achievement volunteer passes out a worksheet to a student at Kirchgater.

Photo: A Junior Achievement volunteer passes out a worksheet to a student at Kirchgater

Although October is recognized as Character Education Month, many schools participate in character education activities year-round.  Monthly character education trait assemblies are popular throughout the district.  Each month, students are recognized at these assemblies for exhibiting the highlighted character trait of the month.  Having lunch with the principal for displaying the character trait of the month is also gaining popularity at elementary schools. 

Conflict resolution programs are also appearing at elementary schools in the district.  At Carroll Elementary, students in grades 4-6 are selected by their peers to be trained as peer mediators to bring attention to concerns and ideas of their peers.

Photo: A Junior Achievement volunteer assists a Kirchgater student on a worksheet.

Photo: A Junior Achievement volunteer assists a Kirchgater student on a worksheet.

At Anna Kirchgater, community volunteers are assisting with character education activities.  Volunteers from the Junior Achievement Program visit the school each month to teach students in all grade levels about civic responsibility and citizenship.

Character education programs at Elk Grove Unified are known for their innovation and creativity.  As a result, they have been recognized at both the state and national levels for their excellence.

In 2007, Charles Mack Elementary School was one of 100 schools from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Singapore to receive a Promising Practices award from the Character Education Partnership for their “Think It Through” worksheet and their “Student Character Education” video.  Also in 2007, Mack and Prairie elementary schools were selected as California Schools of Character (CSOC) by the Center for Youth Citizenship. To be selected as a CSOC, schools have to demonstrate an outstanding character education initiative that yields positive results in student behavior, school climate and academic performance. 

Photo: A Kirchgater student works on a character education worksheet.

Photo: A Kirchgater student works on a character education worksheet.

Prairie continued earning character education awards in 2009. The school was named a CSOC again, advancing to the national level competition as California’s nominee.  Prairie earned an Honorable Mention award in the national competition.  Prairie also earned at 2009 Promising Practices Award for their “Panther Buddies” program, an informational mentoring program for at-risk students. 

Recently, Teresa Cheung – a 4th grade teacher at David Reese Elementary School – has been selected to have an inspirational story she wrote on the Project Wisdom Educator Resource website.  Project Wisdom is a character education resource for educators.  To read her story, click here. 

For more information about character education programs throughout Elk Grove Unified, visit http://www.egusd.net/academics/charactered.cfm.


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