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STEM - School of Technology, Engineering and Media Communications

STEM is comprised of the Schools of Business Technology, Engineering and Media Communications. By combining these technology driven curricula under one department, STEM staff members can provide students with exposure to, and mastery in, a variety of technical fields based on industry standards and requirements for certification. Because of the fast pace at which technology changes, specific curriculum will be continuously reviewed and modified by STEM teachers in collaboration with industry and community professionals through articulation and partnership programs. These partnerships and programs are also designed to assist STEM students with industry training and work experience. With a “no ceiling learning” philosophy in many STEM specialty courses, students are encouraged to excel to their highest potential by self-pacing through curriculum while achieving mastery of specific technology skills.

STEM students have opportunity, as their schedules allow, not only to specialize in one of the three STEM curricula, but also to take courses from either of the other two STEM schools as well as any elective course offered at Franklin High School-- including Honors and Advanced Placement courses.

Student enrollment in STEM is based on completion of an application form that details standards of acceptance, as well as continued enrollment expectations. Students enrolled in STEM will be part of a “small learning community” of students and teachers within the Franklin High School campus. Each specialty area within STEM consists of a team of core academic and specialty teachers who will share students through the four-year program. This team will ensure students are provided with core academic curricula that both supports and enhances a student’s chosen STEM specialty area.

Students wishing to enroll in STEM must complete an application. The application is available through the Franklin High School Counseling office. Students should make an appointment to see their counselor in early spring if they wish to apply to STEM for the following year.

Incoming Freshman from Toby Johnson Middle School will be presented with opportunity to apply to STEM during high school registration in their 8th grade year.

Students new to Franklin High School should speak with a counselor regarding application to STEM.

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Benefits of STEM and Criteria for STEM Graduation

Benefits of being a member of STEM –

  • Technology and core subject teachers working with STEM students as a team to support and assist with your success
  • Completion of all required courses within specialty areas will result in a student receiving a Specialized Certificate. The certificates range from Certificates of Completion to industry standard certification.
  • FHS course selection preferences when enrolling for STEM classes.
  • Cosumnes River College course and credit opportunities through concurrent enrollment.
  • Completion of the STEM four-year plan results in meeting the a-g entrance course requirements for UC/CSU.
  • Career and college counseling
  • Advocacy class comprised of STEM students
  • Core academic English and Algebra teachers for STEM students.
  • Hands-on-experience with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Internship opportunities on and off campus
  • Summer and after-school work experience and employment opportunities with community business partners. Juniors and Seniors only.
  • Field trips
  • Special events
  • Special awards
  • STEM related on-campus club membership
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Teaching assistant opportunities
  • Service Learning opportunities related to STEM curriculum
  • California Department of Education SSP (Specialized Secondary Program) 3-year grant awarded to the Franklin High STEM program.

Criteria for STEM Graduation

  • STEM Requirements
  • Maintenance of at least a 2.5 GPA over four years in STEM courses (includes math and English). No D’s or F’s in any STEM course.
  • *No more than two placements on STEM probation. Students will be placed on STEM probation for low grades or failure to meet FHS behavioral expectations.
  • Attendance – Good attendance is important to academic success. Therefore students in STEM classes should:
    • Be absent no more than 4 times per year unless illness or other circumstances warrant additional absences.
    • Be tardy no more than 4 times per year
  • Completion of FHS Service Learning Requirements
  • Completion of FHS Senior Project in a STEM related area
  • Attendance at regularly scheduled STEM meetings and events
  • Good Behavior
  • Participating in STEM is a privilege. Therefore STEM students need to meet the behavior standards as set forth in the FHS Handbook. Failure to meet behavioral expectations can lead to being placed on STEM probation or to being removed from the STEM program.
  • Participation in at least one Level of STEM related opportunities:
    Level 1 – Participation in on-campus STEM related service opportunities
    Level 2 – Participation in off-campus STEM related service opportunities
    Level 3 – Participation in STEM related career and post-secondary opportunities.

· *If a student is placed on probation during Term 1 and fails to improve Term 2, they will be removed from STEM at the beginning of Term 3.
·If a student is placed on probation during Term 3 and fails to improve Term 4, they will be removed from STEM at the end of the school year.
· If a student is placed on probation during Term 4 and fails to improve Term 1 of the following school year, they will be removed from STEM at the beginning of Term 2.

STEM Staff:
Susan Deherrera– Business Technology;STEM Coordinator; – e-mail
Paul Akuna- Business Technology; e-mail
Jerold Ash– Business Technology: e-mail
Brad Clark - Media; e-mail
Lee Isaac– Engineering, Math; e-mail
Mike Retherford – Business Technology: e-mail
Lynette Rodriguez – Business Technology/Media: e-mail
Chris Shuping - Business Technology; Technology Coordinator; e-mail
Mike Stone – Engineering; e-mail

Core Subject STEM Staff:
Erin Olson– Social Science
– e-mail
Mike Reed-Algebra
– e-mail
Noah Levinson– Algebra– e-mail

Franklin High School phone: 916 714-8150

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