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WWW Publishing Procedures and Guidelines
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The school district has both INTERNET (www.egusd.net) and Intranet (intranet.egusd.net) servers that support the World Wide Web document protocol. The procedures that govern how to obtain document approval for publishing on these servers are identical.

The purpose of the dual servers is to separate documents that are published between public and private information sharing needs. The public (INTERNET) server is set up to provide information about the schools and school district, and to publish to the general public student and teacher work for the benefit of all researchers. The private (Intranet) server is primarily set to provide information for the administration and internal business of the school district. While both of these servers are on the network, only the INTERNET server will respond to information requests from outside our EGUSD firewall.

Board and School Policies
It is expressly NOT the purpose of this procedure to modify in any way the existing Board Policies or School-based policies regarding publishing. Please refer to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 6162.7 for regulations regarding Web Page Design. This procedure has been established to ensure the quality, accuracy, and clarity of all information published about the school district on an electronic media; specifically the INTERNET’s World Wide Web.

An author (for the purpose of this procedure) is anyone that creates content for electronic publishing on one of the district’s servers. This can range from student to teacher, school clerks to principals, administrative staff to Superintendent’s Cabinet-level officers. Each level has its own editorial responsibilities as defined below.

  • Student Work - Student work will not be published on the District Web server for sharing with the entire electronic community.

  • School Staff Work - Staff work is typically comprised of school calendars, newsletters, and other announcements to the staff, students, and parents. Athletic schedules, cafeteria menus, and other information items will be the typical makeup of these publications. This information, while mostly useful only to in-District students, staff, and parents, will most likely be published on the INTERNET server since many students and parents have private INTERNET accounts that are outside our firewall, cutting off their access to our Intranet server. The accuracy and appropriateness of these school-based publications, including school newspapers, is the responsibility of the school principal. The principal will most likely delegate the actual publishing responsibilities to a staff person, but editorial responsibilities remain with the principal at each school. A school principal should review all documents for accuracy and applicability prior to granting publishing approval. A ll work must be free of errors in grammar or spelling. This review can take place electronically or via hard copy. It is the publisher’s responsibility to obtain such approval prior to publication.

  • District Publications - Each department may have its own web publisher who is trained and supported by the Technology Services Department. It is the department’s manager who is responsible for editing all documents to be published by that department. These documents must then be submitted to the Web Specialist and the Communications Director.

The District is concerned that we continue to have a high degree of accuracy and integrity in all of our publications as we move from a paper-based to an electronic-based media for publishing. By adhering to this simple procedure, we will maintain a series of checks and balances in our publishing process with clearly defined responsibilities at each level for the content and appearance of all documents.

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